2017 Aquaculture America – Summary

Trout Farmers meet in San Antonio.

The USTFA sponsored a Trout Session as well as a Board of Directors Meeting and General Membership meeting in conjunction with Aquaculture America in San Antonio.

Among the items of significance were:

  • Creation of an investment account to better manage the Association’s funds.  This was based on the efforts of the Financial Management Committee chaired by Treasurer Jackie Zimmerman and guided by Marvin Emerson.
  • The selection of Ron Johnson of Pennsylvania (formerly Wisconsin) to become Association Administrator.  Ron was selected after a nationwide search.  His experience as a trout farmer, Extension Aquaculture Agent and State Aquaculture Coordinator will serve the USTFA well.   His duties will begin in early Summer.
  • Our sincere appreciation goes to Gary Fornshell, Randy MacMillan and Jeff Hinshaw for their work with the Seafood Watch Program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium to keep farm raised rainbow trout on the Green List meaning Best Choice.  http://www.seafoodwatch.org/-/m/sfw/pdf/reports/t/mba_seafoodwatch_farmedtroutreport.pdf
  • Legislation which would prohibit aquaculture in drainages to the Great Lakes has been introduced by a Congressman from Michigan.  Monitoring this with the help of the National Aquaculture Association and American Farm Bureau will be a high priority.
  • Plans for the September 20-23 US Trout Farmers Association Fall Annual Meeting are firming up.  This event will be held at the Red Lion Inn in Twin Falls Idaho.  Presentations, tours and local attractions are being finalized.  Elections will be held for three seats on the Board of Directors.  Persons interested in serving should contact Charlie Conklin for more information.  More information will be forth coming from Jeremy Liley and Gary Fornshell who are coordinating the meeting.

The Fall Annual Membership Meeting focused on where the Association has made progress in the past year and where it is going.

President Charlie Conklin led the discussion of financial management efforts, including the opening an investment account.

The membership’s input was consistent with the input from the 2016 meeting in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.  This called for additional communications with and among the membership, involvement of the membership at large and a desire to re-establish the USTFA as an entity which can be called upon for information and advice on aquacultural issues by state and federal agencies as well as members.

With Ron Johnson as the new Administrator, it is anticipated that a newsletter and increased digital communications will be established.  Members are encouraged to provide email addresses to simplify and speed up communications.

Conklin reminded the membership that there will be elections at the Fall meeting in Twin Falls Idaho.  Individuals wishing to run for office should consider the three open seats on the Board of Directors.

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