About the USTFA


USTFA is the oldest commercial aquaculture trade organization in the United States. It was organized in 1954 by a group of trout farmers interested in creating a strong, unified voice for the national trout industry. It has grown steadily ever since and now has members in nearly every state and some foreign countries. In 1956 the association began publishing the first magazine in commercial aquaculture, US Trout News & American Fishes.

Trout Talk is currently the official newsletter of the U.S. Trout Farmers Association, and is published quarterly. Salmonid, which replaced its forerunners U.S. Trout News & American Fishes and U.S. Trout News in 1977, is no longer published.

Membership in the Association includes individuals and companies engaged in producing, raising, processing, and marketing trout for eggs, broodstock, recreation, and food. Suppliers of products and services important to the commercial trout industry are also an important segment of the membership. Every association member receives a subscription to Trout Talk, a free listing within the Product & Services Directory, reduced rates at annual meetings and on promotional materials, and email alerts and updates from the National Aquaculture Association through USTFA’s membership in that association. Patron and Active members receive a member in good standing sign for posting at their business site.


  • to protect and ensure the best interests of trout farmers in the United States on legislative and marketing fronts
  • to promote all aspects of the trout industry in the United States
  • to cooperate with others on matters affecting the business and common interests of the members
  • to serve as a medium for exchange of ideas and for dissemination of information pertinent to fish farming to members and to the public
  • to establish the image of a fairly-priced, quality product in the market place.
  • to foster cordial relations among the membership


The United States Trout Farmers Association is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors. A President, President-Elect, two regional Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and Treasurer are elected from the board each year to serve as the Association’s officers.

In addition, qualified individuals from the membership are appointed by the President to assist, advise and augment the efforts of the Board of Directors. Standing committees are appointed by the President with approval of the Board. Examples of current on-going committees include: Research and Legislative Affairs.

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