AQUA 2022 – Triennial Aquaculture Conference

Aquaculture 2022

February 28-March 4, 2022 – San Diego, California

A word Triennial Aquaculture event held every three years in the United States.

The US Trout Farmers Association (USTFA) announce two opportunities to present salmonid research, extension or farming information during Aquaculture 2022, February 28-March 4, in San Diego California
Scientific Advancements in Salmonid Culture
The American Fisheries Society, Fish Culture Section, and USTFA, extend an invitation to present during a joint technical session: Scientific Advancements in Salmonid Culture.  Trout and salmon are some of the most widely cultured finfish in the world and share a biology unlike other aquaculture species.  Innovation in salmonid aquaculture benefits all those who work with these fish, whether they are raising fish for natural resource enhancement or the dinner table.  This session will showcase the latest scientific advancements in breeding, nutrition, health, and general husbandry of trout and salmon. 

The USTFA will also hold a Board of Directors Meeting and a Membership Meeting, times to be announced later.
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See you in San Diego! 

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