AVA Man Awarded Honor by US Trout Farmers

Marvin Emerson, President and CEO of Crystal Lake Fisheries in Ava was awarded the prestigious Clark and Mimi White Distinguished Service Award.  

This award is the highest award given by the US Trout Farmers Association.  Its award is to designate individuals who have worked unselfishly over the years to promote and serve trout aquaculture within the United States and Internationally.

This award was presented by President Charles Conklin on behalf of a grateful US Trout Farmers Association on September 9, 2016 at their Fall Annual Meeting in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Emerson was raised in a trout farming family.  Starting as a worker feeding the fish and cleaning the screens.  Crystal Lake Fisheries is known nationally for their quality fish used primarily for stocking recreational lakes and streams in 38 different states.

After college he was commissioned in the US Army where he served as a platoon leader and company executive officer.  Then back to college for an MBA degree.  He also continued in the US Army Reserves for a total of 28 years of service and is currently retired.  Some of his assignments were Battery Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, and instructor Command and General Staff College.  After his post graduate degree, Marvin returned to the family trout farm to work fulltime.  

Marvin is Past President of US Trout Farmers Association, Past President of Missouri Aquaculture Association, past board member on National Aquaculture Association, Board Member of the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center

For more information on Crystal Lakes Fisheries Inc.: http://www.crystallakefisheries.com

For more information on the US Trout Farmers Association:  www.ustfa.org/contact

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