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The United States Trout Farmers Association (USTFA) hereby intends to hire an
“Administrator” to accommodate and facilitate the demands on its Board and Officers,
and to develop a more active and effective organization. The position as described
below is created to accomplish key administrative tasks that will allow the USTFA to
grow and provide effective advocacy for the members of the USTFA.

Position: Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Administrator will be an independent contractor for wage and tax reporting
purposes. The Administrator will perform duties as assigned by the President and Board
of Directors. The Administrator will not be a member of the Board of Directors, or an
officer of the USTFA, but may exercise executive responsibilities on behalf of the Board
of Directors as specifically authorized by the Board.

The Administrator shall be charged with maintaining all the records of the Association to
the satisfaction of the Secretary and Treasurer of the USTFA for administrative and
financial matters with the knowledge of the USTFA financial software (currently
QuickBooks), respectively.

The Administrator shall maintain a written record of all actions taken by the
membership and the Board of Directors, including resolutions, motions, etc.; a separate
membership list, showing the name, address, and telephone number of each member,
by class; and a separate parliamentary record showing the by-laws, and all actions taken
affecting the operation of the association. The membership list maintained by the
Administrator shall be the official membership list of the Association and shall be
subject to challenge only by affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors or

The following list encompasses but is not limited to the following responsibilities of the

1) Responding to telephone, email, and mail addressed to the USTFA.
2) Maintain a membership database, and the official membership list of the USTFA.
3) Invoicing of annual membership dues and solicitation of new memberships.
4) Administrative services for member information and general inquiries.
5) Financial bookkeeping with the use of USTFA financial software (currently
QuickBooks), including accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, bank account
management, deposits, and quarterly reports to the Treasurer.
6) Mailings and E-Mail Communications to BOD and membership.
7) Dissemination of information to BOD regarding pertinent legislative and
regulatory issues.
8) Meeting planning for fall conference and Aquaculture America meetings,
including food and beverage arrangements, and solicitation of
9) Drafting of correspondence, including communications to BOD, membership
and/or stakeholders as directed by the BOD and President.
10) Administrative assistance to the President, Secretary, Treasurer and BOD
including meeting and teleconference planning, maintenance of records,
research of relevant topics, provision of timely written reports.
11) Work closely with the National Campaign director on pertinent social media,
membership newsletter, website and any other USTFA business that requires it.
12) Is to attend both of our conferences (Aquaculture America and USTFA annual fall
meeting) with reimbursable expenses to USTFA





Title: Maintenance Technician
Location: Tooele, Utah
Department: Maintenance
Employment Type: Full-Time, permanent
Reporting To: Maintenance Supervisor

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Title: Production Worker
Location: Tooele, Utah
Department: Production
Employment Type: Full-Time, permanent
Reporting To: Production Supervisor

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