Open letter to the Center for Veterinary Medicine regarding Chloramine-T and 35% Perox-Aid

Dr. Arnel Peralta

Center for Veterinary Medicine

Office of Surveillance and Compliance

Dear Dr. Peralta:

On behalf of the US Trout Farmers Association’s Board of Directors, I request that you provide leadership in the current issues affecting the availability of Chloramine-T and 35% Perox-Aid.

As you are aware there is a shortage of Chloramine-T and 35% Perox-Aid. These are important chemicals that are approved and labeled for use in treating bacterial gill disease (BGD) in finfish. Left untreated, bacterial gill disease can decimate salmonids in the hatchery setting. These chemicals are critically important tools in the very limited arsenal of therapeutics available for use in fish culture.

Western Chemical, the exclusive US distributor of 35% Perox-Aid, has just announced it is no longer available due to regulatory issues. The only Chloramine-T material approved for use in treating bacterial gill disease in freshwater-reared salmonids is Halamid Aqua. Western Chemical, has none of this product in inventory and future availability is in question.

The shortage of these important products threatens the health of hatchery reared fish populations. This risks the livelihoods of fish farmers across the nation. I therefore request that your office make all possible efforts to seek to restore the ability to produce and ultimately make available Chloramine-T and 35% Perox-Aid for approved, labeled use in aquaculture.

Thank you for your consideration of this extremely important matter.

Sean Nepper


PO Box 61342, Raleigh NC 27661

Telephone (919) 909-1943


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