Researchers Sequence Rainbow Trout Genome

rainbow-troutThe genome of the Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykisshas, has been mapped by a team of 30 researchers at Washington State University.

Led by Yann Guigen of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and reporting this week in Nature Communications, the research aims to improve our understanding of genetic changes over time.  As one of the most popular species used in aquaculture, this research could have a big impact on the trout industry.

As reports,

The investigators focused on the rate at which genes have evolved since a rare genome doubling event occurred in the rainbow trout approximately 100 million years ago. Unlike most evolutionary processes involving mutations and the selection of advantageous traits, a doubling event acts like the copied draft of a piece of writing that can be edited and recast without the risk of destroying the earlier version.

To put it another way, Rainbow Trout had a pretty significant change to their DNA that will allow researchers to further understand how vertebrates evolved over time.

For more information and details on the study, you can check out the original article by Science Daily here.

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