Trout Talk

About Trout Talk

Trout Talk is currently the official newsletter of the U.S. Trout Farmers Association, and is published quarterly. It has replaced Salmonid, which in 1977 replaced its forerunners, U.S. Trout News and American Fishes and U.S. Trout News. Salmonid is no longer published, but back issues are available (contact the USTFA office for details).

Proposed Production Schedule

  • Issue Copy Due Date
  • March (Spring) February 15
  • June (Summer) May 15
  • September (Fall) August 15
  • December (Winter) November 15

We encourage members of USTFA to submit information that they feel may be of interest to the membership. Articles in Trout Talk will be edited as necessary, and approved by the president before publication.


Advertising is available in each issue of Trout Talk. Here are the current advertising rates, revised for 2011:

Commercial: Size Rate Per Issue

Full Page Insert (supplied by advertiser) $125

Full Page Ad (published in newsletter) $125

  • ½ Page Ad $80
  • ¼ Page Ad $50
  • Business Card Ad $25

Farmer to Farmer Classified:

Categories – Equipment, Help Wanted, Farms for Sale or Lease, etc.

  • 25 Words or less – $5
  • 50 Words or less – $10
  • 50 + words – $15

All advertising submitted must be either digital or ready to scan, and will be produced in grayscale in the newsletter (except for color inserts provided by the advertiser). For more information, call Kelly Goodwin at the US Trout Farmers Association 870-850-7900, or contact us here.

For a printable format of the advertising rates, click HERE

Past Issues

Past issues of Trout Talk will be posted on the website after the next issue is published. Click HERE to access past issues of Trout Talk.

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