Syndel’s key fish anesthetic has a new name – Syncaine

March 26, 2022
March 26, 2022 USTFA

Syndel’s key fish anesthetic has a new name – Syncaine

Syndel has announced that, after achieving the recent milestone of moving into their new US manufacturing facility, the company has rebranded their fish anesthetic previously sold under the names, Tricaine-S and Aqualife TMS, to the name ‘Syncaine’.

Syncaine is an approved fish anesthetic used for the temporary immobilization or sedation of fish, amphibians, and other aquatic cold-blooded animals and contains 100% Tricaine methanesulfonate (MS-222) soluble powder. Aside from the rebranding, all other aspects of the product remain unchanged.

The name change will allow Syndel to harmonize the product across multiple markets as we expand globally.  Syndel is committed to developing and providing high quality pharmaceutical, health, and nutritional products to the aquaculture industry.

If you have any questions regarding the re-branding, the application of Syncaine, or our other high-quality Fish Health products, please contact Syndel.

US FDA ANADA # 200-206, Health Canada DIN # 02168510, UK VMD VM #22389/4000


Syndel is a privately held company that has developed and marketed high quality pharmaceutical, health and nutritional products for the aquaculture industry worldwide for more than 45 years.  Syndel is headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Ferndale, Washington USA, including our quality control laboratories and FDA-inspected manufacturing plant. Syndel also has a Canadian office in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

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