Innovative Airflow is the Center of Kasco’s New, Larger Robust-Aire Systems

July 16, 2022
July 16, 2022 USTFA

Innovative Airflow is the Center of Kasco’s New, Larger Robust-Aire Systems

Systems run cooler and longer with our new approach to airflow.


Prescott, Wis. [July 19, 2022] – Kasco introduces a new offering in our trusted Robust-Aire™ Diffused Aeration product line. A first in the industry, the patent pending Aire-Guard Cabinet Technology combines an innovative approach to airflow with additional filtering to ensure cooler, cleaner air, all within our largest-ever cabinet, capable of running up to 12 diffusers.

Kasco’s Aire-Guard Cabinet Technology tackles the biggest stressors on compressor operation – heat and dust. With this patent pending technology, air is immediately passed through an external filtration layer that removes excess dust and debris. Using powerful fans, this clean air is then pulled through the compressor, instead of across it, allowing the compressor to stay much cooler and operate at extreme efficiency.

This dual-action filtering and air movement acts as a safeguard to the compressor motor and entire Robust-Aire system. Compressors that operate at cooler internal temperatures will run more efficiently and last longer, allowing Robust-Aire systems to provide a reliable source of water mixing and movement to the water body.

“The technology inside our new, larger compressor cabinet is a game changer,” said Kasco Director of Sales, Joe Holz. “By keeping compressors cooler in systems with up to 12 diffusers, we’re able to offer a reliable product for much bigger projects, and something the industry has never seen.”

In addition to the new airflow technology, the compressor cabinet has been completely redesigned from the inside out. Benefits include simplified internal connections, externally mounted gauges, easy-to-remove panels for scheduled maintenance, a new paint color to seamlessly blend in with the environment, and much more.

New Robust-Aire systems with Aire-Guard Cabinet Technology are now available through Kasco’s worldwide distribution network. Visit to find the distributor closest to you or call 715-262-4488 for more information.



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Robust-Aire™ systems provide great aeration benefits in depths of 8 ft. or greater. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through self-weighted lines to a dual-loop diffuser on the bottom of a pond, lake, or tank. This beneficial mixing increases oxygen transfer and improves water quality to eliminate thermal and chemical stratification, expand fish habitat, and more.


For over 50 years, Kasco has offered world-leading water quality solutions. Today, we provide fountains, surface aerators, diffused aerators, de-icers, circulators, and beneficial bacteria to countless aquatic industries, all with the goal of improving water quality and moving water forward.

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