USTFA President’s Message: Why Does Trout Farming Matter?

January 16, 2024
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January 16, 2024 USTFA

USTFA President’s Message: Why Does Trout Farming Matter?

A message from USTFA President, Jesse Trushenski


Greetings, USTFA—and happy New Year!

When I became USTFA President at our 2023 Fall Conference, I acknowledged that I am a little different from many USTFA members. I’m not fertilizing eggs, feeding fish, or loading transport trucks every day, but I share your fish squeezer’s passion. Our Past-Presidents have given generously of their time, knowledge, and leadership, and you can expect the same commitment from me. But I am a little different, so you can also expect a few surprises along the way, starting with this message.

Raising fish well is hard work, and trout farmers should always take great pride in what they do. When artificially fertilized trout eggs were first hatched and displayed at the Ohio State Fair in 1853, it was described by the local press as “amazing”—a marvel of modern science. Completing the life cycle of a creature as complex and intriguing as trout is a daily routine for many USTFA members, but it is still a sort of everyday miracle. We should take time to recognize these small wonders, as well as the bigger picture and how much the fish we raise contribute to our communities, our country, and the world at-large.

Farmers are a humble sort, and I know most of you don’t spend much time thinking about your own importance, much less talking to someone about it.  But if not us, then who?  If we don’t speak on behalf of our industry, who will?

In 2024, Trout Talk will periodically include messages from me, reminding our members of the good they do and the many reasons that trout farming matters. Maybe these words will help trout farmers to stand a little taller, even puff out their chests a bit.  More importantly, I hope they will help USTFA members to speak for themselves and our industry with confidence and conviction.  So why does trout farming matter?


The world is hungry and needs more protein to feed a growing human population. Trout farming matters because it helps put wholesome seafood on the table with fewer inputs and a smaller carbon footprint.


Trout farming matters because fish that are raised for stocking help to create and maintain fisheries and fishing opportunities. Feeling that tug on the end of the line is how many people reconnect with nature and remember why conserving natural resources is so important.

With ‘best fishes’ for 2024,

Jesse Trushenski

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