Rushing Waters Fisheries & Trout Farm

November 17, 2020
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November 17, 2020 USTFA

Rushing Waters Fisheries & Trout Farm

Rushing Waters Fisheries & Trout Farm sits on 80 acres in a valley surrounded by the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Southeastern Wisconsin. 12,000 years ago, a glacier came through and left behind a wonderfully wild area dotted with hills, valleys, lakes, and streams. The “kettles” are an amazing recreation area, and many outdoor enthusiasts choose to call it home. Here, Rushing Waters has been raising trout since the 1940's, when they sold and bartered trout at Navy Pier in Chicago during WWII.

In 1994, Wisconsin entrepreneur Bill Graham purchased Rushing Waters, hired Fish Biologist Peter Fritsch, and together they made a “Quality vs Quantity” commitment. This commitment has become the guiding light for everything they do. Trout are raised in crisp, clear 50° outdoor natural spring water ponds, and are fed an all-natural, chemical free, hormone free diet. The fish are raised in an ecosystem that closely mimics a trout’s native habitat, where they have access to food they would find in the wild.

In addition to raising premium quality trout, Rushing Waters has a production facility that is run by a passionate team of local residents. Their pledge of quality has inspired a delicious line of Alaskan Wild Salmon Burgers. They use only the best sockeye and Coho salmon available, as well as other top quality ingredients. President Peter Fritsch has spent time in Alaska sourcing and making salmon industry connections, which are managed by his longtime friend and Alaska expert, Stephen Clark. Together, Rushing Waters can offer the best Wild Salmon Burger on the market!

Rushing Waters’ on-site smoke house combines the traditional methods with modern technology to transform freshly harvested Rainbow Trout, Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon and Wild Alaskan Salmon into moist, tender, and delicious hot-smoked fish. Each fish is prepared with a flavorful brine of salt, sugar, spices and finished with the savory smoke of northern hardwoods.

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Contact Information
Rushing Waters Fisheries LLC
N301 County Road H
Palmyra, WI 53156
Phone: (262) 495-2089
Fax: (262) 495-8327

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