Springcress Trout Farm: Fresh Water Supply, Fresh Flavor

November 17, 2020
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November 17, 2020 USTFA

Springcress Trout Farm: Fresh Water Supply, Fresh Flavor

Springcress Trout Farm

The source of our spring is from a limestone outcropping on the wooded ridge of the farm. This spring has a source of clean water for centuries starting with the native Americans who lived next to this spring. The spring water is piped into raceway tanks. Raceway tanks are constructed into our 19th century barn. The fish are reared in those tanks from 2inch fingerlings to 18-20-inch mature trout. They are fed a customized trout grower pellet which is specific to each stage of growth. The water is run through a series of sand filters and are highly oxygenated with diffusers and air stones. It takes roughly 2 years to get a production size fish. The fish are crowded and netted when orders are placed.

They can either be produced in 2 ways, gutted whole fish or fillets. Springcress trout farm has a propagation and a food processing registration through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Our major facility goal is to provide the freshest and highest quality local farm raised rainbow trout!

“Take comfort in knowing how and where your fish were raised”

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Springcress Trout Farm 2

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Fresh Trout

Contact information
7373 Furnace Road
Mifflinburg PA 17844
Email: corareed99@icloud.com
Phone: (570) 966-9979

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