March 11, 2022 USTFA

Why freshwater aquaculture is key to global seafood security

Freshwater aquaculture dominates global aquaculture production, but its importance is often overlooked in the global food-policy agenda and research. In a new study published in Nature, academics – including Wenbo Zhang, Ben Belton, Dave Little and Max Troell – argue that recent research underestimates the production potential for freshwater aquaculture and inflates the importance of mariculture, or saltwater aquaculture.

Since the 1980s marine and inland fishing has grown very little, while all sectors of aquaculture are increasing production and market share. However, not all aquaculture is equal. While mariculture has attracted the lion’s share of research funding and policy attention, freshwater aquaculture is the heavy lifter when it comes to producing fish that are available and affordable to low- and middle-income consumers globally… Read more