September 26, 2022 USTFA

Norway proposes 40 percent resource tax on aquaculture operations

The government of Norway has proposed a new resource rent tax on aquaculture, with effect from 1 January, 2023, which will affect producers of salmon, trout, and rainbow trout.

The tax is expected to generate proceeds of between NOK 3.65 billion and NOK 3.8 billion (USD 347 million and USD 361.2 million, EUR 355.6 million and EUR 370.2 million) annually. According to the plan, which would need to be approved by parliament, half of the revenues collected will go to public funds.

The proposal was sent out for consultation on 28 September. Following its return, the government will bring the legislation to the Storting (supreme legislature of Norway) to enable the proposed rules to apply from the 2023 tax year…

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