October 15, 2022 USTFA

The link between trout genetics and sustainability

Researchers from France’s INRAE institute are looking back on 20 years of genetic research in rainbow trout and the sustainability gains genetics tech and breeding have brought to the aquaculture sector.

The world’s oceans can no longer sustain the ever-rising demand for fish. Aquaculture offers an alternative approach – if production is sustainable and high quality. INRAE, the Aqualande group and its selective breeding company Les Sources de l’Avance, along with the French Poultry and Aquaculture Breeders Technical Centre (SYSAAF) reviewed data from 20 years of a rainbow trout breeding program conducted by the company. They compared the growth and nutrition needs of trout from this program with those of an unselected trout population. Their findings, published in Aquaculture reports, show that selected trout need 17 percent to 20 percent less feed to achieve the same growth as the unselected ones…

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