October 22, 2022 USTFA

Switching from sturgeon – a look at global salmon and trout roe consumption

Salmon and trout roe are the most widely consumed and commercially important fish roe products aside from sturgeon caviar. Caviar analogues, such as salmon and trout roe, are less expensive alternatives to traditional caviar from sturgeons.

Salmon roe is mainly produced from wild salmon. Given this, the majority of salmon roe production happens in countries with large stocks of wild Pacific salmon such as the USA, Russia and Japan. Alaska is the primary producer of salmon roe in the USA, with a production of about 13.335 tonnes in 2021. Russia produced about 29.500 tonnes of salmon roe in 2021. Production increased in both Alaska and Russia from the previous year, by 83 percent in Alaska and nearly 50 percent in Russia…

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