November 4, 2022 USTFA

Job Opportunity: Aquaculture Research Scientist (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

Incumbent will take a lead role in designing research projects and making recommendations to improve processes and facilities so that production goals are met in the most efficient manner possible. Areas of research include feed and food conversion studies, comparing growth and mortality among different strains of hatchery fish, quantitative evaluations of various fish culture techniques, and developing fish culture techniques for rare or endangered fish. Incumbent will take a lead role in designing infrastructure upgrades at fish culture facilities. Tasks include developing bio-programs so that production targets are in line with hatchery carrying capacity and designing new production units to make the best use of available water supplies. Projects range from repairing existing ponds and raceways, to upgrading portions of existing facilities with more modern equipment and techniques, to the design and construction of entire replacement hatcheries. Incumbent will act as a liaison between fish culture staff and Department engineering staff, ensuring fish culture goals and objectives are met during the construction of fish culture facilities…

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