November 8, 2022 USTFA

NOAA Announces Membership for the American Fisheries Advisory Committee

The committee was established to make recommendations for Saltonstall-Kennedy priorities and grant award funding.

NOAA Fisheries announced the selection of members for the new American Fisheries Advisory Committee. The committee was established by the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act in May 2022 to make recommendations for Saltonstall-Kennedy priorities and grant award funding.

The Act requires the committee to have three representatives from each of six regions as well as four at-large members. These must include one representative each from the retail and marketing sector, commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries, and NOAA Fisheries. Members from each of the six regions represent seafood sectors including processors, recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood farmers, fisheries scientists, and regional fishery management council members.

The committee’s first meeting will be held in Seattle, Washington, the week of December 12, 2022. They will evaluate and make recommendations for the annual Saltonstall-Kennedy grant competition…

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