January 13, 2023 USTFA

Applications are open for the NewTechAqua award challenge

The NewTechAqua Project is looking for startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and tech centres around the world for to develop innovative solutions in aquaculture and take part in its award challenge.

The NewTechAqua Award Challenge is seeking five disruptive and solutions-based innovations that can address challenges in the aquaculture industry and bring economic, environmental and social benefits to the sector. The challenge is seeking startups, researchers and entrepreneurs who have potential solutions to key areas like:

  1. Improving fish and mollusc health and disease resistance: Innovations like prediction models for specific diseases, kits for disease’ detection, new breeding programmes and new diets.
  2. Increasing the efficiency of aquaculture production systems: Advancements in via real-time management systems, satellite systems and recommendations.
  3. Making the aquaculture sector more sustainable and circular: Innovators that are using different rearing systems (RAS, biofloc technology, aquaponics) as well as new diets and feed products using fish by-products, fish processing wastewaters, and microalgae, new organic diets using plant proteins to produce more organic fish should consider applying.
  4. Supporting the diversification of aquacultured fish species by studying the reproductive cycle of emerging fish species to re-create the best conditions for raising these new species in aquaculture production systems.
  5. Developing new eco-friendly fish and molluscs products with high nutritional value.
  6. Raising awareness and training professionals from the aquaculture sector by creating training programmes and conducting studies on consumers’ preferences.

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