February 17, 2023 USTFA

Market Research to Guide U.S. Aquaculture Recovery from the Pandemic and Shutdowns

The unprecedented economic shock from the pandemic and the loss of major markets from widespread shutdowns of many restaurants continues to threaten the survival of many U.S. aquaculture businesses.

In response, researchers at Virginia Tech are conducting consumer market research that will provide information to guide U.S. aquaculture businesses as they attempt to adjust marketing efforts to respond to the abrupt changes in the food supply chain and consumer purchasing of prepared meals and groceries.

“This project seeks to answer critical questions that are essential for U.S. aquaculture producers to survive by adapting marketing and distribution systems to successfully navigate the uncertainties of the coming months and years,” said Jonathan van Senten, assistant director of the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center. “It is quite likely that market conditions will continue to change rapidly, and previous research shows that not all consumer groups react in the same way to such changes. Thus, it was vital to measure changes in consumer behavior and preferences in various geographic markets.” …

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