April 2, 2023 USTFA

A different way to evaluate your aquaculture operation

In times of highly challenging economic conditions, many aquaculture producers may benefit from an analysis of their operations through an “agro-industrial” perspective. Agro-industries fundamentally transform agricultural raw materials into marketable products, and many aquaculture enterprises fit the concept of agro-industry more than you might think. In these businesses, raw materials such as feed and fingerlings are transformed into value-added products, be they living organisms or fresh fillets. And whether one considers aquaculture operations or more traditional agro-industries, as a rule the more complex the process, the greater the requirements for capital, technology and management.

Effective evaluation of agro-industrial enterprises requires the incorporation of elements from both agricultural and manufacturing analysis. Many established aquaculture businesses include production, transport, distribution and marketing activities to varying degrees, but the primary focus is ultimately the value-added transformation of inputs. Accordingly, traditional agro-industrial analysis focuses on the transformation (production) process, and on associated procurement and marketing activities. This approach to operational assessment can benefit many aquaculture enterprises, especially in response to currently prevailing market conditions…

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