May 7, 2023 USTFA

Turning Science into Advice: A new Handbook for Aquaculture

Science advice informs aquaculture

NOAA has developed a new Aquaculture Science Advice Handbook. It assesses aquaculture management policies, resources, and processes to provide a guide for developing science products.

Science advice is quality-assured information, developed by scientists, that can be used by decision makers to make sound, science-based choices.

There is a mounting interest in marine aquaculture development in the United States. There is also a growing need to provide regulators with relevant and rigorously developed science advice to support and inform aquaculture management decisions.

NOAA’s science advice products include:

  • Expert consultations for aquaculture growers
  • Summary reports for scientific workshops
  • Reviews of scientific literature

The handbook includes science advice tools and models that can help translate science into action. Read the Aquaculture Science Advice Handbook.