May 27, 2023 USTFA

Norway sets salmon tax at 25 percent

The Norwegian government has succeeded in implementing its controversial salmon tax, but has been forced to reduce the rate from 35 to 25 percent due to political opposition.

lans to introduce an additional 40 percent tax on salmon were announced by the Labour Party and Centre Party coalition government in September last year, but they have since been struggling to achieve a consensus for the tax.

However, yesterday the minority government finally won the support of the Liberal Party and Patient Focus, giving them the required number of votes for the revised proposal to be passed.

“After a long process, we are now ensuring that the Storting [parliament] adopts the principle of ground rent in aquaculture. The parties to the agreement also secure a majority for a tax rate of 25 percent and an increase in the discount on the property tax value for farming concessions to 75 percent,” said the Centre Party’s Geir Pollestad in a press release…

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