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Conference Registration Closes Sep 5.

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To help us achieve our room requirements with Hershey Lodge, please book your lodging by July 15. Conference attendees receive a discounted lodging rate of $169/night during the conference.

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The 2023 USTFA fall conference will be held at the historic Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. ‘Chocolate Town’) September 12 – 14, 2023. Hosted by Limestone Springs, this year’s fall conference is expected to be a well-rounded and engaging event for anyone and everyone who raises trout!

The USTFA fall conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow trout producers, researchers, vendors, and government officials in a beautiful, relaxed setting. The conference will feature industry speakers, a trade show, banquets, auction, awards, and a tour of USTFA president, Mark Ely’s farm, Limestone Springs as well as a tour of Hershey Chocolate World.

Hershey Lodge Info:

Built in 1967, Hershey Lodge is a 100,000 square feet estate, located in central Pennsylvania, showcasing the history of the Hershey Chocolate Company and its founder, Milton Hershey.

The amenities the lodge provides are many and can be viewed in detail here. Below is a short list of resort benefits guests have access to (for free) during their stay:

With all the exciting and fun things to do at Hershey Lodge and Hershey Chocolate World, conference goers are encouraged to bring family and friends and stay a few extra days after the conference to experience everything the area has to offer.


USTFA is Seeking Presenters for the 2023 Fall Conference

The speaker sessions are the cornerstone of every USTFA fall conference. We invite you to participate and share your knowledge or story with the USTFA membership and industry members throughout the nation. Trout farmers are always looking for information to help our industry innovate and put #americasfish within everyone’s reach. Please, share your knowledge!

Presentations from past conferences have included scientific research, market and demographic studies, advertising and marketing insight, technological innovations, personal stories and experiences as a farmer (a fan favorite!), and more. Informative and fun is our goal.

Below is a brief list of topic ideas that have been requested:

  • Inflation and a changing economy, how have you / farmers adjusted?
  • Preparing for the unexpected – successes and failures of navigating COVID. Are there financial / operational tips for farmers that would help them survive the next downturn, natural disaster, pandemic, etc.?
  • Animal health – what are the most common issues trout farmers face and are there any new tools that have emerged to help? Are there any emerging patterns to disease resistance in the major trout health issues?
  • Feed: Sinking versus floating. What works best on your farm, and how do you know? 
  • In house fish processing – do you process on site? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • The recreational fishing market – how has is changed since the pandemic / weather events?

We will also have a portion of the speaker sessions allocated for the vendor (trade show participants) presentations. This session will be longer than previous years and will offer vendors a great opportunity to showcase their latest products and innovations (but no informercials, please 🙃).

Trout farmers, this is your meeting – let us know what is new and noteworthy for your operations.

If you would like to give a presentation during the fall conference, please contact Michael Lee (ustroutfarmersassociation@gmail.com) to discuss your topic and title.

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