July 18, 2023 USTFA

Register for the AIS in Commerce Summit

Courtesy of NAA:

A Department of Interior funded project has been examining the risks associated with the trade in live aquatic species. Seven work groups have contributed a wide variety of potential voluntary and regulatory actions to mitigate those risks. The project organizers are hosting a virtual meeting on July 25th, 12-3 pm, mountain time, entitled AIS in Commerce Summit: Developing Solutions to Mitigate Risks.  To register for the Summit, click on this link.

Their current draft report, Governance and Biosecurity Framework for AIS in Commerce in North America, will be presented. This is a compilation of contributions from the workgroup discussions and additional feedback to date. Please keep in mind the report is preliminary and the next steps will be to further identify gaps, prioritize objectives and strategies, and roles. The National Aquaculture Association recommends farms and businesses that trade in live aquatic species should register and participate in the Summit.

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