July 31, 2023 USTFA

Comments Requested on the AIS in Commerce Action Plan

Courtesy of NAA:

On July 25, the project managers for AIS in Commerce held a summit to share regulatory case studies, review the proposed Governance and Biosecurity Framework for AIS in Commerce and review the action plan strategies developed to date.  At this time, the project team would appreciate your input in the prioritization of the action plan strategies that were presented.  The survey to provide your input can be found hereAquatic Invasive Species (AIS) in Commerce (jotform.com). This survey will close on August 15.

If you were not able to attend the summit, all meeting materials (summit recording, slide deck) are available at July 2023 Summit | Mitigating The Risks (aisincommerce.org)

Please reach out to the project team consisting of Leah Elwell (Leah@conservationcollaborations.com), Lisa DeBruyckere (lisad@createstrat.com) and Stephanie Showalter-Otts (sshowalt@olemiss.edu) with any additional feedback.

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