August 4, 2023 USTFA

US lawmakers want to make sure aquaculture gets equal treatment by USDA

A group of U.S. lawmakers are continuing their campaign to ensure the aquaculture industry is getting adequate support and fair treatment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Last week, U.S. Representative Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey) introduced the Supporting Equity for Aquaculture and Seafood (SEAS) Act, which would require the USDA to ensure it provides “fair funding levels” to aquaculture producers in its program. The USDA, Pallone claimed, devotes a disproportionate percentage of its program funding to animal agriculture.

Under the SEAS Act, the USDA would be required to give the same consideration to aquaculture producers as animal agriculture producers in awarding grants and produce two reports to Congress – one on seafood and aquaculture expenditures and grants, and one on the USDA’s role in supporting aquaculture and the seafood industry. It would also increase USDA funding for regional aquaculture centers to USD 30 million (EUR 27 million), and charge the department with developing a policy for aquaculture coverage under the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation…

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