August 12, 2023 USTFA

NOAA releases an extensive plan to boost the nation’s seafood industry

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released an extensive five-year plan to prioritize and promote the country’s commercial fishing industry last Wednesday called the National Seafood Strategy. NOAA claims that the plan will outline the direction of the United States seafood sector as well as complement other federal policies that are already in place. This is the first time NOAA has released an overall strategy aimed at addressing commercial fishing industry needs.

This strategy will outline their direction over the next five years for supporting a thriving domestic U.S. seafood economy and will enhance the resilience of the seafood sector in the face of climate change and other stressors.

NOAA’s vision will ensure:

  • U.S. seafood continues to be produced sustainably.
  • The U.S. seafood sector contributes to the nation’s climate-ready food production and to meeting critical domestic nutritional needs
  • U.S. seafood production increases to support jobs, the economy, and the competitiveness of the U.S. seafood sector
  • Supply chains and infrastructure are modernized with more value-added activity in the United States
  • Opportunities are expanded for a diverse and growing seafood workforce

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