Book Review: Aquaculture Business by Carole Engle

Aquaculture Business by Carole Engle

Book Review: Aquaculture Business by Carole Engle Written by Carole Engle, Aquaculture Businesses is an essential internationally-applicable resource for aquaculture entrepreneurs and business men and women who are the management-level decision makers for new start-up businesses, as well as for existing businesses that need to continue to grow and change…

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Results from a study on the regulatory costs on U.S. salmonid farms

RESULTS FROM A STUDY ON THE REGULATORY COSTS ON U.S. SALMONID FARMS NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE WESTERN REGION AQUACULTURE CENTER. CLICK ON LINK: Products from this wide-ranging study are now available in fact sheet, video, and infographic formats. Access data results for 11 states, 3 regions and the U.S.

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Aquaculture America 2020


Aquaculture America 2020 Honolulu, Hawaii February 9-12, 2020 * Registration, Exhibit Move-in, Tours, Welcome February 9 * Trade Show and Conference February 10 * Trade Show, Conference, Auction & Reception February 11 * Trade Show, Conference & Closing February 12 USTFA will host a 2 hour Trout Session with Members…

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