American Fisheries Society Rebuttal submitted to the NYT 4.24.15

“The Cost of Trout Fishing,” a recent op-ed piece by Douglas Thompson in the New York Times, included several inaccurate statements and fundamental misunderstandings of fisheries management and aquaculture. As fisheries research and management professionals, the American Fisheries Society would like to set the record straight. Native trout and our aquatic systems in general…

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Researchers Sequence Rainbow Trout Genome

The genome of the Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykisshas, been mapped by a team of 30 researchers at Washington State University.

Led by Yann Guigen of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and reporting this week in Nature Communications, the research aims to improve our understanding of genetic changes over time. As one of the most popular species used in aquaculture, this research could have a big impact on the trout industry.

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